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Xmas Roasting

With Christmas just around the corner…  read more

Interesting Coffee Facts
Shepherds discovered coffee in Ethiopia circa 800 A.D.

Legend has it that 9th century goat herders noti…  read more

More Monsoon on its way
Finally we have been able to secure some more Monsooned coffee and it is due for arrival in the next couple of wee…  read more

No Roasting on 26 May
There will be a slight change to our roasting schedule as we have a maintenance shutdown between Friday…  read more

Easter Roasting
With the run up to Easter and ANZAC our roasting schedule will change slightly, so we can enjoy the Easter br…  read more

What we do

We're a boutique coffee roasting company serving the needs of discerning coffee drinkers throughout NZ. We source only the very best quality green beans and batch roast them to order and to perfection to ensure optimum flavour and aroma to provide the best coffee experience possible in the home, office or cafe

As artisan roasters we like to experiment so we roast the same green beans to varying degrees and then cup them time and time again to ensure that we can extract the best out of each coffee and extend the efforts of the grower through the process of roasting and then into your cup.

With our very structured approach and with every ounce of passion and promise we keep cupping and upping the quality of beans on offer to you

To enusre that you recieve the freshest coffee we only roast to order on a Monday and Thursday.  

All orders that are received prior to Monday 9.00am will be included in the Monday roast schedule and all orders after that time will be included in the Thursday roast schedule.