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Xmas Roasting

With Christmas just around the corner…  read more

Interesting Coffee Facts
Shepherds discovered coffee in Ethiopia circa 800 A.D.

Legend has it that 9th century goat herders noti…  read more

More Monsoon on its way
Finally we have been able to secure some more Monsooned coffee and it is due for arrival in the next couple of wee…  read more

No Roasting on 26 May
There will be a slight change to our roasting schedule as we have a maintenance shutdown between Friday…  read more

Easter Roasting
With the run up to Easter and ANZAC our roasting schedule will change slightly, so we can enjoy the Easter br…  read more

New Destoner installed

Over the Christmas break, we installed a bigger destoner into the roastery.  The new destoner holds upto 30Kg and was custom built for us by Cafe Connection, so a special thanks to them as well.

A destoner attempts to remove any foreign matter that may be picked up at origin when the beans are green.  We have found all sorts of things in the past, but with this new destoner it handles the process faster and has the added benefit of some big magnets to remove any metal items as well!!  Think keys and the like!

The new destoner is just another level of quality to try and ensure that you are getting the best coffee each time you order from us!